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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blue Ridge

Today we went to another town called Blue Ridge. There was much more to see and do in Blue Ridge than in Ellijay. We walked around, went in some shops, got a new little bear and lamb, got some ice cream, had lunch, saw a train.......We had a nice surprise when Daddy called and asked how to get to the cabin. He is here now and we were excited to see him! We both slept through the night the past two nights which Mommy has really appreciated. We also took some pictures on the porch but they are on Grandpa's camera so we will have to show them to you later. Tomorrow is a big day! It is our 5-month birthday and also Mommy's birthday. We have to get to bed so we will be ready. See you tomorrow!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTANY! and happy 5 month birthday to the girls too! my, how time is flying. how cool that joe came up and surprised y'all! have a wonderful birthday! :-) barbara

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to three of my all-time favorite girls in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!! But a bigger "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to Mommy since it is her "real" birthday. I called, but it went straight to VM, which made me sad. :( Kitt and Garet, did you tell a little fib in your blog, by the way? If the grown-ups have no cell phone service, how was Daddy able to call and find out where the cabin is?! Hmmm..... I don't blame you, though. What's a relaxing trip to the mountains when phones are always ringing?!
    Kitt, it looks like I need to get you a pair of baby RayBans, huh? You don't like that sun blaring down on your face and in your eyes, do you? Aunt Kristen doesn't either. Plus, all that squinting gives you wrinkles, so we'll get you both a pair.
    I hope you're enjoying your day. Grandpa said you're tuckered out from all the activity, so just try and relax today and enjoy your last day in the fresh air. I love you all lots!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Brittany! Looking forward to seeing EVERYONE soon! Love you!