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Thursday, March 18, 2010

So we had a busy day! We both woke up at 4:00AM for a little snack but then not again until 10:00AM. We walked with our friend Emily and her Mommy and Grandma to the Taqueria for lunch. Then we went to the new cupcake place in town so Mommy could get a cupcake. Afterwards, we came home and played some before our special visitor arrived. Aunt Kristen came to see us! We had heard so much about her and also from her, but were excited to meet her in person! She has already been a big help. She held us, fed us, helped with baths.....all in less than a two hour span of time. We just heard her telling Mommy how exhausting motherhood is....hmmm! Here are a few pictures from today. We have to go to the doctor tomorrow but are also going to go shopping for new clothes! See you then.


  1. So many angels in the picture, it's hard to keep count.

  2. yay!!! Aunt Kristen arrived! It looks like you all have been busy girls. Love you in the seat, Garet. Have fun shopping..

  3. Well girls, it looks like you are enjoying having Aunt Kristen there helping out with baths and feedings. I know she has been excited about seeing you for the first time since you have been discharged from the NICU. I can't say I'm surprised that you are going shopping for clothes with her. :)