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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where have we been?

So, yes, it has been too many days since our last post, and as Aunt Kristen says, "it can't still be cold and rainy." So since last post, here is what has been happening. We had a really nice time with Aunt LeAnn. She was a lot of help to Mommy and we enjoyed having her read stories to us every night and also helping with bath time and feedings (among many other things). She left yesterday to go back to California, but we will see her again next month! Granddaddy came yesterday afternoon. We hadn't seen him in a long time so that was fun. He and Grammy came over for a little while today and then they left to go back to Florida. We will miss them, too, but will see them some time this summer.

We are growing and eating and playing more and more everyday. We both seem to enjoy being on our tummies some each day to get our neck muscles stronger. Mommy and Daddy have to be real careful with Garet because she keeps trying to sneak peeks at the TV! She says she needs to know what is going on in the world, but Mommy and Daddy say babies our size are too small for TV. We had another visitor today who brought dinner to Mommy and Daddy and held Garet for a long time. We are getting better about sleeping through the night. Most nights one of us sleeps all the way through and some nights both of us do. Mommy and Daddy will both be so excited when we both sleep all night long consistently. We don't think it will be long.

As for our weights, Kitt is up to 10 pounds, 6 ounces and Garet is 10 pounds, 13 ounces! All this milk sure is helping us grow! Tomorrow is the first day in a while that Mommy will be on her own with us both so it should be interesting. We will let you know how she does. We are sure she is going to do a great job!!!!

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