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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An old friend

Today we got to see a friend from when we were in the NICU. One of our nurses, Ansley, had a baby of her own and is not back at work yet. She met us at Maggiano's for a lunch date! She couldn't believe how big we have gotten and we couldn't believe how small her baby was. She told us that we were so much smaller than he is now when we were born! After lunch we came home and played here for the rest of the day. The blanket we are playing on in the pictures is really special. Mommy has a good friend in Kansas named Dallas, and her step-mom made us two of these blankets when we were first born and in the hospital. They are great for tummy time because they are big and soft for when we bump our heads! Garet is getting really good with tummy time and likes to lift her head. Kitt has some work to do there but Kitt is really talking a lot. Garet is going to work on teaching Kitt about tummy time and Kitt is going to get Garet talking and laughing more! Have a good night.....


  1. Hi Girls!
    You look so cute playing on your new blankets. That was so nice of Dallas' step-mommy to make those for you. Garet, you just tell your Mommy and Kitt that you'll talk when you have something important to say.
    Love you both lots and lots!!!

  2. I have noticed, both with my own kid and other kids, that children seem to develop with a strength or predisposition for either physical skills or language skills, but not both. At least, not both at the same time. My kid is a "language kid" (big surprise there, huh, Brittany?!?) and talked in complete sentences well before her first birthday. However, she definitely lagged behind in some of the physical development markers that first year, like rolling over, learning to crawl and walk. One of her good friends who is only a few months younger is the opposite and could do all those physical things very well, sometimes long before Faith could even though Kim was younger. Her folks called her an Amazon because she was so physically strong! But she lagged behind in language skills.

    All that to say that it's kinda cool that your girls are opposites, as they will complement each other's strengths and help each other's weaknesses. :)

    I am really enjoying this blog! You share so many photos and it is truly a joy to see your girls (and you!) blossom before my virtual eyes!
    Keep up the awesome work!

    Amy Fifer Fitzgerald