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Saturday, March 6, 2010


The weather here today was beautiful! We went outside and laid on a blanket for a little while and then went on a long walk to Felini's (pizza place) so Mommy and Granny could have a salad and pizza. A couple of people walked up to see us and they all told Mommy how beautiful we are. We met a little girl who lives close by to our house and wonder if we will get to see her again! The rest of the day we just did our usual routine. Tonight Mommy and Daddy took the patch off Kitt's eye. Who knew Skin So Soft did something besides keep bugs away? The bandage came right off. I am so glad to not have something as big as a golf ball sticking out from the front of my face now. Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy put me in a nightgown that made my hands disappear. They're afraid I'm going to scratch my eye so they're just being careful, but really, enough is enough! I wonder if I will be able to get my hands free tonight and surprise them in the morning! Good night, friends!

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