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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Successful surgery

Kitt's surgery was a success! They were running behind schedule which was a little frustrating because Kitt hadn't been able to eat for so long, but I was able to keep her pacified by reciting books that I could remember! Who knew all those children's books that I love reading would come in so handy from memory? The surgery took just over 2 hours and then the surgeon came and talked with us. He was very pleased with the outcome and said that Kitt did great. He was afraid he was going to have to make a small incision in the corner of her eye to get the eye out (because it was so big) but was able to do it without such an incision. They brought her to us about an hour later and I held her for a while until she woke up. We gave her some Pedialyte and she seemed to be comfortable. She has a bandage over her eye which will come off in a few days and then we just wait until it is time to get fit for the prosthetic. We all hope that soon this will be behind us and we can get on with our lives as healthy baby girls! Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and encouragement. We will continue to keep you posted on the progress here.


  1. We were really, really glad to read your blog this morning. It sounds like the surgery went very well -- and that your memory of the children's books was exceedingly helpful. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers; we're greatful this hurdle is past. Love from (Mangos) Roy & Jody Anderson

  2. So glad to hear this. I was praying for Kitt and your family yesterday and will continue to do so!

  3. What an awesome mommy you are. I am praying for Kitt and your family. My God continue to give you strength and courage. Love The Wilkes Family

  4. So glad to hear everything went well! You all are in our thoughts. -TJ, Bev, & Graylyn