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Saturday, April 10, 2010

As the Dr. would say

Now check out our outfits, we wanted to show
We're dressed in Dr. Seuss from our neck to our toe.
In honor of him, with our words for today
We will write them in rhyme as the doctor would say.
Since last night 'til the morning such good girls we have been
We even slept all night without waking until ten!
We played on the floor after we ate, lifting our heads,
Looking around, choosing not to return to our beds
A walk we did take, a really long one at that
Talking to neighbors, then at Subway we sat.
Two hours later, our patience was going
Mommy fed us together as the picture is showing.
The walk did us good, and tired were we
Long naps we took, read books and took baths, don't you see?
We talked, we sang songs, and we spent time together,
What more could you ask for; what could be better?
Now in closing we'd like to leave you a phrase
Something to remember for all of your days:
"A creature's a creature no matter how small."
We're glad that means those like us who will grow up to be tall!


  1. This is wonderful! It is even BETTER than Dr. Suess himself!

  2. In Dr. Seuss clothing, you both look so sweet,
    it make me long for the next time we will meet.
    May our little princesses sleep so very well
    and awaken to a new day that will also be swell.

    Love, GAMA

  3. I am so impressed with your creativity! You are amazing!

  4. Mommy's poem is way hip and cool;
    And new pictures of K&G make my heart very full.
    Aunt K also loves to hear her angels coo,
    So tell your Mommy, "We want videos, too!" (Soon, please)!
    XOXOXOXXOXO to all!