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Monday, April 19, 2010

Remember Nanny is out of town this week so Mommy was on her own! She did all the feedings except the bedtime one by herself but you can see Garet helped out a lot by holding her own bottle! Daddy did watch us while Mommy went to the eye doctor but we were really great for him! We also took a nearly four hour nap this afternoon and then went for a walk. Tonight we went to the knitting circle again and worked on a special little project but it's a secret! There are a couple of videos of us this morning. Mommy got the video camera turned on about 2 seconds after Garet rolled over but she was hoping Garet would roll again. One day she will be fast enough for Garet and will get it on film. Now that we're both rolling some, she will get something exciting one day very soon! We will see you tomorrow.

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