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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lions, and tigers, and panda bears!

We went to the zoo today! Emily and her mommy invited us to come with them and it was so much fun. We didn't really know all that was going on but it sure seemed like a really long walk. We did see some animals and took some pictures. Emily got to get out of her stroller and walk some. We bet next year that will be us and Mommy will have to be running around to keep up! Mommy woke us up at 9AM to get us fed and then we went right back to sleep. She woke us up again at noon so we would eat and get ready for the zoo. After about two hours of the zoo we came home, ate and then Garet took another nap! Kitt didn't seem very tired so she and Mommy spent some time together on the couch. The video is from Kitt talking and laughing! Tonight Mommy went to have dinner with some other mommies who have twins so Daddy and Aunt LeAnn were in charge! Everything went great, of course! Also in the mail today, we got brand new floats with sun canopies for the swimming pool and we each got our very own pair of baby sunglasses! We can't wait to try them out....maybe in just over a week when we go to Pensacola for a visit.


  1. Sounds like everyone had a nice day monkeying around at the zoo. :) I'm looking forward to seeing you girls in about 10 days and especially happy that you've learned how to sleep through the night! See you soon!

  2. laughing must sound different from adult laughing b/c all I hear are some little screams!