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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's up Doc?

We went to our 6 month check-up today and got excellent reports! On all three measurements (length, weight and head) we were actually on the growth chart for 6 month olds and average or above for 3.5 month olds (our corrected age). Today was the first time we were on the chart for our real age. Mommy was much more excited about this than we were though. We did get our shots which wasn't fun but other than that everything went fine. We also get to try rice cereal now so Mommy will start that tomorrow while Granny is here to clean up the mess! This afternoon Mommy had to run an errand so she left us with Granny outside getting some fresh air. We were supposed to be helping her fold clothes but we just hung out while she folded! That's about it from today.....


  1. WOW!!! It just gets better and better. So proud of you girls. Kitt and Garet, what great news. The two of you are so amazing. Keep up the good work. Grammy loves you so much!!!.

  2. Way to go girls! You are both doing great.

  3. Yay, Kitt and Garet!!! Way to go - like your Grammy said, every time we check in with you, you're doing amazing new things!!! I'm also very, very proud of you. Looks like your Granny is celebrating too! (In what looks like the middle of the day, I might add.) J/K, Granny - ain't no shame. If I were alone with two 3.5-month-year-old babies, I'd be drinking, too. Love you lots, Granny. Thank you for everything you do to help Mommy, Daddy, Kitt and Garet.