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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dreary day.....

Today was a rainy day....we didn't even get to go for a walk! Daddy and Mommy took us to a tummy time class, though. We learned some songs and some other things that they can do with us on our tummies, but Kitt fell asleep in Daddy's arms during the class. Not sure if she was tired or bored!!!! We will practice some at home though. The rest of the day was pretty typical....Mommy managed the feedings on her own. It helped that we took good naps between feedings today which allowed her to get things done. Aren't we so nice to her? For those of you who are going to later say "that was too much information" go ahead and stop reading now (or just don't tell Mommy that was too much information). Mommy had to answer the phone regarding Kitt's procedure next week but Kitt had just gotten out of the bath. Kitt was laying in her towel in Mommy's lap and pooped right then and there!!!! Needless to say, Kitt needed another bath and Mommy needed new clothes! Now for those of you who kept reading to get to this part may be wondering why there are no pictures. There are a couple of reasons. One is that Daddy had the camera today for work and by the time he brought it home we were already bathed and lying around naked. There will definitely be some tomorrow though because we are having lunch with someone we haven't seen since the NICU days! See you then.....


  1. Oh my goodness, Kitt, what a thing to do to Mommy! But I bet she laughed and thought it was quite funny.

    I am glad you all went for tummy classes. Based on Monday's videos, it looks like you both are already doing very well on your tummies.

    See you tomorrow!

    Love, GAMA

  2. KITT and GARET, THAT IS TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You said not to tell Mommy that, so I told you; you are the authors of the information, after all!) On another note, I don't blame you for falling asleep in "tummy class" (which, incidentally, is hard to type with a straight face), Kitt. I mean, really?! How much is there to do on your tummy?! I bet your sister could teach the class, though, b/c she seems to be the master of just chillin' on her tummy.
    I hope you both have a great day!
    Love you lots!!!!!