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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Such a great day!

We had such a fun day today....we don't even know where to begin! This morning we took our first trip to the library! Building Blocks is a program that the library offers every week. There are so many libraries near our house that we could go three days a week, but we thought we would start with one today while Granny was here to help. There were toys on the floor for all the kids to play with, then they put lots of books out for Mommy and Granny to read, and then we sang some songs. It was a great time! Then for lunch Emily and her mommy came and had lunch with us and then played for a little while. Later Mommy and Daddy's friend, Jillian, came over with treats for the big people. She had a present for us, too, but she accidentally left it at home! There are lots of pictures from today. It looks like Garet really got worn out! We will see you tomorrow......


  1. Wow, lots of great pics. showing what a great time you all had. Garet, you definitely seemed exhausted. I know the feeling as your Mom has made me feel that way a few times!

    Sleep well, sweet angels.

  2. Love the pics! But it's hard to tell if Garet is tuckered out or if all that activity gave her a headache?!? :)

  3. Or if Granny was talking so much, she just couldn't take it anymore!!! Great pics!!! (Oh and just kidding, Granny! Love you too.)

  4. Really great pics, girls!!! It was also good to see your Dad relaxing and enjoying the moment. Lots of love.