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Monday, April 12, 2010

A little variety.....

Today was a fun day! Nanny came in the morning and then we went to Emily's house. Her mommy made lunch for our mommy and then we ate. It was fun! After dinner tonight we went to the knitting group with some of Mommy's friends. It was fun because we got to be held and listen to all the gossip. Karol also gave Kitt her cocoon to help keep her hands away from her eye. Isn't it cool? Here are some pictures from the day!

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  1. Are you learning to knit?!? I've found that it is a great craft for a mama, because you can stop on a dime and not worry about forgetting where you were. And it's a very portable craft (unlike sewing, for example) which is also important when your girls like to be out and about as much as they seem to! :)

    Amy Fifer Fitzgerald