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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Birthday Party

Today was our first taste of rice cereal. Granny fed us both our very first bites while Mommy tried to capture it on film! Hmmm...interesting texture and no taste. We might stick to our bottles, but perhaps we will try the cereal again tomorrow. Nanny came to visit us today because she won't get to see us for the two weeks we are in Pensacola. We went with Mommy, Nanny and Granny for tacos and then we took our first trip to Trader Joe's. There is something there called Two Buck Chuck and Granny needed some before we get on the road! Mommy said this was our first of many trips to TJs for Two Buck Chuck :) This afternoon we got to sit in the hammock with Granny and swing for a minute. We also got to go to a birthday party today (well, sort of). Mommy and Daddy's friends, Bob, Anne Forrest, Will and Bess came to meet us. Tomorrow is Bob's birthday so we all went out for pizza and then came back to the house for cake and ice cream. We also really liked being passed around from person to person! It was such a fun day.....

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