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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We went to a class today where babies learn sign language. Today's theme was Bathtime so we learned signs for water, bath, duck, bubbles, frog, and toothbrush. We sang songs, played in water and watched other babies. Mommy is actually going to do our classes at home but she thought she would check out another teacher first. Today was Nanny's last day with us. We will miss her but we know we will see her often! We went for a really long walk tonight as Mommy was trying to tire us out but we got locked out of the house! Mommy forgot the key and Daddy had to go to a meeting. Luckily Emily's mommy and daddy had a key at their house so we could get in. Sorry there are no pictures today....hopefully tomorrow!

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  1. Goodbye and thank you, Nanny! I know how much Nanny loved being with you girls and also how helpful she was to your Mommy. I know she will be missed.