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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another new store!

This morning Kitt went to the eye doctor. He said everything looks good, but he sure did take his time seeing her! For our activity today, Mommy took us to IKEA. Have you ever been there? It is an enormous maze of things for your house. We had never seen anything like it! We are always going to new stores....who knew there were this many places in Atlanta? Mommy saw a couple of things that she just couldn't resist buying for us at IKEA, mainly the bright blue mat you see below. Mommy had a meeting tonight so Daddy was in charge! He read to us and took us to the park. It was a great day!


  1. Hi Sweetnesses!
    I love your new mat; it's almost as cute as you. But are you more interested in your crib piano than the book your Daddy is reading?!?! You're both so silly! I love and miss you tons!!!!!!!!!!
    Aunt Kristen

  2. Oh, girls that is some play mat! Looks like you are having a ball with it. But, don't hurt Daddy's feelings because he thinks you like it when he is reading to you. Just pretend a little!
    Oh, and Garet, thanks for the e-mail asking me for a puppy for yours and Kitt's birthdays. I am glad you have become computer literate at such a young age. And, yes, I am getting you and Kitt a puppy for your birthdays. It's between a Great Dane and a German Shepherd. Any preference? Please send me an e-mail so it will be a surprise to your parents.

    Love, GAMA