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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Watch out lobster!

Today we went to lunch at Red Lobster! They had real, live lobsters in tanks. We had never seen anything like it. Lunch looked good, too, but we were more interested in the silverware and straws. After lunch Aunt Kristen came over to play with us and then we spent the evening with Grandpa, Granny, Mommy and Aunt Kristen until she left. The picture of Mommy and Kitt sleeping is from this morning. Granny put Kitt in Mommy's bed this morning when Kitt was whining and she fell asleep right next to Mommy. Don't they look so comfy and peaceful? That's all that happened today. We are enjoying our last few days in Florida!

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  1. Hi Angels!
    Your Aunt Kristen is enjoying your last few days in Pensacola also, but she is going to be sooooooo sad when you leave. :'( We all get so spoiled having you so close. She just might have to take that big test in Georgia also. :) I love you more than you know, Beautifuls. Sleep well; I can't wait to see you tomorrow.