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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A change in scenery

Mommy had a dentist appointment this morning so we stayed home with Daddy. After Mommy got back we took naps and then went for our daily outing. Mommy was getting bored with the mall so she took us somewhere else. We still went in lots of different stores but we had to keep going outside to get to the next place. Anyway.....later in the day we walked to Walgreen's and spent the rest of the evening at home. We did want to get some pictures up today though!


  1. I am glad you girls had a good day. You both look like you really have fun playing together.

    I really like your dresses. I hope Mommy had a pain-free visit at the dentist.

    Love, GAMA

  2. Garet, are you rubbing Kitt's head? I can't help wondering if you think that is the dog Jovi that you liked so much. Maybe your parents need to get serious about getting a dog for you girls! I know you would treat it with lots of love. Miss you and love you, Granny

  3. I love the way you girls are sitting up. You have really come a long way in 9 months. Miss you and love you!