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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm a Georgia Peach!

We have been so busy since we got home! We left Pensacola on Sunday morning to drive home to Atlanta. We were sad to tell Granny good-bye, of course, but as usual we will see her next month....we've seen her at least once per month since we've been born! We drove to Montgomery and met Grandpa for lunch since he was on his way back to Pensacola from Atlanta. When we got home Daddy unpacked the car while Mommy went to visit Emily's mommy in the hospital. Now she's not just Emily's mommy but also Richie's daddy, too, because she had another baby. Anyway, we had just been hanging out at home trying to get re-adjusted to being here. We are having a hard time getting back into our routine but we will get there! Today we had such a fun time visiting our Aunt LeAnn at her new house in Macon. You might remember she has been living in California but now she lives just about an hour away. She took us to a peach stand which was a lot of fun. We took some pictures and even got to taste some peach ice cream! Aunt LeAnn has a little doggie that is so cute named Jovi. Garet liked Jovi, but Kitt LOVED him! She wanted to touch him and rub his fur a lot. Mommy does not know how she will be able to say no to a puppy for Kitt one day! Anyway here are some pictures from the peach stand today!


  1. Such adorable pictures. You girls are truly the most beautiful Georgia peaches in the world.

    And, I can see how much you loved LeAnn's dog. You definitely need one of your own. Now I know what to get you for your birthday!!! BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE. IT WILL BE OUR LITTLE SURPRISE!!!

    Love, GAMA

  2. You girls haven't wasted any time finding fun things to do since you returned home. I love the photos of my sweet Georgia peaches and it looks like you really enjoyed playing with Aunt LeAnn's puppy. I hope you get back into your routine soon. Grandpa misses you!