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Monday, August 2, 2010

Real estate shopping

Today we went to the beach to do some real estate research! We went to find the perfect place for our winter vacation and found it at the Beach Club. We got to sit on the bed and even dip our toes in the pool. We can't wait to spend a whole week there later this year. Then we went to lunch at Peg Leg Pete's and met this nice pirate. This afternoon, we took naps with Granny while Mommy went and got a massage. She sure has been pampered by Granny while she's been here. That's about it from around here today!


  1. Shiver me timbers! These are the cutest pirates I've ever seen.

  2. Girls, Granny has found the condo she wants to "buy" so can you begin saving so I can buy it, and we can spend more than "one week" at the beach? I'm going to miss you being here, but, hopefully, Granny can lose some weight since she eats out too much when your mommy is here. We'll go to the Red Lobster for lunch (without Grandpa!), and that will be the last time eating out! Love you, Granny