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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What routine?

So Mommy has been going on and on to us (and also on the blog) about trying to get us back in our normal routine, but apparently she forgot that routine involved taking lots of pictures and logging us in for the blog! Anyway, here we are after a few days off! We haven't been too busy the past couple of days but we did have a very fun surprise last night. Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark got stranded in Atlanta coming back from a cruise so they came and spent last night with us. We were already asleep when they got here but this morning we were so surprised to see them. They took us all to lunch today which was fun (even though we fell asleep). This afternoon, Mommy and Daddy worked on getting Mommy's square foot garden beds together for fall planting while we watched. It sure looked like hard work! We have a pretty busy week coming up so we're going to get some rest.

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  1. I can see that Mommy was working very hard to create her garden so you girls could get fresh veggies that are free of pesticides! Way to go, Mom! Can't wait to see how your Mom's garden will grow!

    Speaking about food, any possibility we can get a weigh-in report? Just curious.

    Have a great week, ladies and Daddy!

    Love, GAMA