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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On our own!

Mommy and Kristin were gone all day today working in Kristin's classroom. We were in good hands though as Granny and Aunt Kristen were in charge. They did a great job feeding us, playing with us and just all around taking care of us. We had such a fun time with both of them but were very glad to see Aunt Kristen as it had been a few days. Not much else happened today but it was another fun one!

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  1. Ha, ha! I think you created a new definition of "on your own." Considering that you were in the loving and capable hands of your Granny and Aunt Kristen, I believe you were not quite on your own. Now, if you were left alone with me, then I would definitely think that title was very appropriate!

    I loved the pics of you girls with Peg Leg Pete. He looked like a nice pirate as long as you didn't get caught by his hook!