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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kitt, Garet and Emily

We did nothing today....we didn't even leave the house! One of Mommy's favorite books when she was little was about a goose who goofed off one day. She just kept telling her friends that she wasn't doing anything today...instead she was taking it easy. Well, today we were that goose! So we don't disappoint you, though, we thought we would show you some pictures from a few days ago when we went to spend some time with Emily. Isn't she such a good friend? We had a great time with her and here we are!


  1. Hi Beauties!!!
    Your Mommy is so fast today! I didn't even have time to comment on the picnic blog before a new one was up. I just wanted to tell Kitt how beautiful she looks in her new glasses! They make her look even MORE adorable (as if that is even possible.) Your Uncle Mark and I had a fun time "matching up" all the multiples in the picture! You're so lucky to have so many friends out there, especially Emily. She looks so sweet sharing that Gonzo-esque thing with Kitt and then touching her on the shoulder! And guess what?! Your Aunt Kristen was also a Goof-Off Goose not just today, but pretty much this whole w'end b/c it rained sooooooooo much in P'Cola! It's fun to have a do-nothing day (or w'end!) every once in a while, huh? I can't wait to see you both soon! I love you tons and tons and tons!
    Aunt Kristen

  2. Precious photos of good friends!