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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

Today was quite eventful! Mommy went to a brunch with some friends who also have twins and while she was out Granny and Daddy had quite a scare. Kitt hit her eye and the eyeball came out! Daddy got the flashlight out and was looking EVERYWHERE while Granny and Kitt were praying that the eye would be found. Granny looked down at Kitt, and the eye was on her neck!!! Daddy put it back in and everything is fine, but Granny said she lost five years off her life just like that! It must have tired Kitt out too, because she slept so much today! Garet, who never likes to go to sleep for fear she would miss something, went with Mommy and Granny to Target for the first time. The place was amazing and she kept looking around at all the things she could buy there. You should have seen her face! She was very helpful though by holding onto the bread in the cart. When they got back, Kitt was still sleeping so Garet helped Daddy plant Mommy's tomato plants (well, really she was supervising from her swing)! We know there aren't any pictures of Kitt tonight but she slept so much.....check back tomorrow for more!

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  1. My goodness, Kitt, you really know how to cause a big scare in your Daddy and Granny. I must admit that I did chuckle when I read about it. I was just picturing your Daddy and Granny looking all over for your eye and then finding out that you were still wearing it --- just not on your eye but rather on your neck!