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Monday, June 7, 2010

Another great day.....

This morning Mommy took Kitt to a physical therapy evaluation while Nanny stayed home with Garet. Daddy was here, too! The therapist gave Mommy some exercises to do with Kitt every day and they will go back every week for a little while. There is a picture below of one of the activities she suggested to do with both of us. Mommy wanted to be sure that GAMA sees other uses for the pillow she bought. Later today we went to the pool with Mommy and Daddy. We both had such a fun time tonight. When we got there the place was PACKED with big kids, but we were very patient and sat for almost an hour. It was well worth the wait, though, because when the man on the high chair blew his whistle they all got out and we had the entire pool to ourselves for 15 minutes. It was great! We didn't have any baby food today but will be back to prunes and pears tomorrow. One more thing. For those of you who gave Mommy a hard time about us not having on bibs when we first started baby food, she wanted to be sure everyone knew the stains came right out! We are looking forward to a visit tomorrow from Grandpa and then Granny is coming later in the week. We have missed them and look forward to their visit! There are also a couple of pictures from yesterday with Gracie shortly before she left.


  1. Adorable pics, esp. of Daddy with his girls. I'm confused, though: This "exercise" just calls for sitting in a laundry basket with a pillow? Hmmm... I suppose the uses for laundry baskets in the Mackey family are endless!!!

  2. Aunt Kristen hit the nail on the head - I thought the laundry basket was your daddy's suitcase because that's what he uses to bring his clothes to Pensacola! You do look rather "comfy" so do whatever works. Granny is going blueberry picking today so I hope to pick a lot to bring to you so you can try blueberries for breakfast. Have another fun day. I love you, Granny

  3. Wow, you had to wait an entire hour to get into the pool! How patient you girls are! (I guess you get that "patience" virtue from me. Ha!)
    I am glad you all had a very good time.

    I like your PT workout. Looks like you are having fun working at it!

    Love, GAMA