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Friday, June 4, 2010

Sisters and friends :)

We had another fun day! We slept until 9:00 (after a week of getting up around 7:00, Mommy was glad for this). We went to the Taqueria and the cupcake place with Nanny and her babies. They're not really babies anymore but Jackson sure does like babies! He spent all of lunch telling Mommy and Nanny what Kitt was saying. Nanny isn't helping with us this week so it was good to see her. We took a really long nap this afternoon and then played with Mommy later in the evening. We both seemed really aware of each other today, grabbing each other's hands several times. Garet wasn't feeling very well and when she would cry, Kitt would reach out to her. We are already becoming friends! See you tomorrow....


  1. Hi Sweetness-es! You look so adorable loving on and taking care of each other like that! I know that your sister(s) will be as loving and sweet as your Aunt Kristen's sister. I love you all tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!