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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We missed you yesterday.....

.......but it was so very hot outside that we did not even leave the house! Mommy didn't take any pictures; even the pool was closed. That had nothing to do with the weather and it is open again, but we still thought we would let you know. Kitt did go to physical therapy yesterday morning before it got hot. Today we met some new friends. Mommy and Daddy's friends, Tamara and Jeff are in town from Rome (Georgia not Italy for those of you who might be confused). We all went for tacos and then hung out at home. At the taco store, there was another baby and when she started screaming, Garet got scared! Rather than put her back in the stroller after she calmed down, Mommy decided to try her in the big girl high chair. It worked! Check out the picture below. Tonight Mommy went out to dinner so Daddy took us for a walk to the cupcake store. It was a fun day!


  1. As always you girls look absolutely adorable - I especially like the picture of you holding hands. I put in the mail today two flotation bathing suits so I will be anxious to see how they help you stay afloat in the pool. Granny picked 20.5 pounds of blueberrie today so when your mommy and Aunt Kristen come home in July there should be plenty for them to eat. Sleep well. Lot you lots, Granny

  2. I love to see pics. of the two of you side-by-side while holding hands and looking at each other. In addition to being sisters, I just know that you two will be best friends forever.
    And, what about you, Garet, already sitting up in a high chair! Amazing. Kitt, I am glad to hear that you are really enjoying your PT sessions.
    And, of course, you both look adorable in your latest outfits.
    Love, GAMA

  3. Love, love your outfits & so glad you got to meet Tamara. Your mom and I can tell you stories about her at camp and how much fun we had. She's a great lady!

  4. ...and we missed you yesterday and today! What have you been up to girls? I hope you have a good weekend and be especially nice to your Daddy on Sunday because it's his special day---his first Father's Day!