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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Daddy chose to celebrate his birthday and Father's Day with our good friends, Bob, Anne Forrest, Bess and Will up in North Georgia. We had so much fun meeting new people and spending time with people we had already met. Last night we went to a member appreciation dinner which was a good old fashioned Low Country Boil! It looked delicious and we can't wait to be munching on big shrimp and corn on the cob like that. Today we went to church and stayed in the nursery for the first time. It's a lot of fun in there. Basically you go into a room and people hold you and play with you the whole time your mommy and daddy are in church! We gave Daddy his presents and had lunch. Now we're back home. We also want to tell Granny we are going to miss her comments as she goes on a cruise. We will see you soon though!

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  1. Girls - you look adorable in your smocked dresses - I remember washing them a few months ago so I'm happy to see you can now wear them. Yes, your mommy is right as I leave today for a cruise (I hope to take you girls on a Disney cruise one day!!) so I won't have access to a computer. Oh, how I'm going to miss seeing you everyday on the blog! The nice thing is that I return home on July 7, and you will be in Pensacola July 10. That will give Granny just enough time to get over her jet lag and be in full swing to have fun with you. You know I love you and, as always, I pray for you, your mommy and daddy every day!!! Tell your mommy and daddy to pray for Granny that she doesn't get lost in any foreign country!!! Really there's no chance of that as I have 5 friends who will be watching over me, but I would still appreciate their prayers. Until next time, have fun!!!! Love, Granny