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Monday, June 14, 2010

Videos as promised....

Below are the videos as promised. Now on to today. Granny left today which always makes Mommy sad as Granny is so much help! We were sad, too, but know we will see her again very soon. Since we have seen her every month since we've been born, this will be no different! It is so hot here today that we didn't even go for our daily walk to Walgreen's! There is also a video of Garet giggling. It is especially for Aunt Kristen who really wanted to hear her laugh the last time we were in Pensacola. There is also a picture of Kitt in her crib. While you're wondering why it's a big deal, let us tell you. Kitt doesn't really like to move around much, but for some reason today she did. Mommy put her on her back horizontally in the crib. When Mommy came in to check on Kitt, this is how she found her (see the last picture below). When it cooled off a little, we went for a short walk in the neighborhood.


  1. Kitt, if I'm looking at your picture correctly, you actually turned over on to your tummy! Hooray for you! Granny had such a good time visiting you, but it wasn't so hard leaving you as I will go on my cruise next week; and when I return to the States, it will be time for you to come to Pensacola. How exciting! The pool is looking terrific so I know we are going to have some fun times. Behave now for your mommy and daddy which I know you will do as I've seen what happy babies you are! As always, I love you lots! Granny

  2. Oh my goodness!!! What a special treat! I waited so long to hear Garet giggle, and it was SO worth the wait. I think I'll listen to it every day. You're doing so great, Kitt. Grandpa said you're getting a lot stronger, and I can see it. Stay out of that yucky heat. Lots of hugs and kisses to all!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow! I check for photos and commentary each and every day, and was so happy to see video this time! Thanks!!! They are so adorable. I hope they are not in high school when I finally get to see them! Love and miss you all!

  4. there are few sounds in the world more beautiful than a baby's laughter - it put such a smile on my face! i see garet has found her toes too - good girl! and WTG kitt for getting around in the crib - how exciting!

  5. Dear Garet and Kitt,
    Please thank your Daddy for taking the cool videos at the pool. (Speaking of Daddy, Don't forget to give him some extra love and kisses on Sunday!) Wow, you two, along with Mommy and Granny, seemed to be having so much fun in the pool. You really made me laugh and wish I were with you. And, talking about laughing, Garet, your solo giggling video was hilarious. And, finally, bravo to you, Kitt, for rolling over on your stomach!
    I love you two very, very much!