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Friday, June 11, 2010

To the hospital we went....

......but it was for a great reason! We went to see our nurses and doctors at the NICU. They were so excited to see us and all talked about how big we had gotten and how beautiful we are! We also went to see some of Mommy's nurses who took care of her before we were born. They had never even met us much beyond the night we were born so were excited to see us as healthy girls! We also went to the hospital cafeteria with Granny and Mommy as they wanted to eat there for old times' sake. After our hospital visit, we had a tea party! We invited Mrs. Phyllis from next door, Emily and her mommy over for tea and cake. It was such a fun afternoon! We played for a little while and then went to bed. We will get to see Grandpa again tomorrow so we need to be well rested before that!


  1. What a wonderful visit! All of the nurses and doctors and other staffmembers you met had worked so hard to make sure that you and Mommy were safe and healthy. I am sure they were all thrilled to see how beautiful you both are and what a wonderful Mommy you have. I am also sure that they all felt very proud for having been part of your development in your earliest days.
    Love, GAMA

  2. What a beautiful day. This post makes me want to cry-- happy tears! You all have come so far from those days. I recognize one of the nurses from the day I came to the hospital and stood outside the window. You were so small at that point but look at you now, growing girls! Glad it was a good day & you had fun at tea with your neighbors. Love you!