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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Baby Whisperer

Sorry we forgot to update you on our doctor's appointment last night. Mommy was worn out from hardly sleeping at all the night before to log us on. We both gained weight! I (Kitt) only gained 2.5 ounces in 4 days which is really not enough but then again, I haven't been eating much. Mommy called the doctor today and got my Zantac dosage increased by a little bit and Dr. Grandpa gave Mommy a suggestion on when to give the medicine. I can't say the problem has been solved but maybe it is getting better. I (Garet) gained 7 whole ounces in 4 days which is way more than they expected. Nothing wrong with my appetite! Yesterday we also went for a walk outside! Daddy was worried we would get too cold but it was so nice to get some fresh air. Check out our nice new baby stroller from Granny's Chat 'n Chew friends! We had a visit today from the Baby Whisperer! She is a pediatric nurse with 5 kids of her own and she has all these ideas on how to create routines and good habits for healthy babies. So far we are doing well with all that she taught Mommy, Daddy, and Granny. We don't really like getting our arms swaddled in but I guess we will get used to it. Alright, Mommy only took a couple of pictures yesterday but here they are. We don't have any plans tomorrow so maybe we will go on another walk with Mommy and Granny. They figured out that pushing us in the stroller involves pushing 105 pounds AND it's a very hilly neighborhood!


  1. Britt, I'm so happy for you and Joe! The girls look like they have already adjusted to their home. Can't wait to come visit once things calm down some for you... I'm jealous that Mom gets to see them Thursday! Take care and call if you need anything.

  2. The swaddling actually does wonders. The Happiest Baby on the Block mentions the 5 S's that help babies during the "fourth trimester." Swaddling (they give step by step in doing it so it stays), Sucking (pacifiers, fingers, etc.), Side sleeping, Swinging or swaying, and Shushing.

    It sounds like you already have one, but we swore by our sound machine. Our kids are now almost 6 & 8 and they STILL love their sound machine. (They can sleep without it, but they love it.)

  3. Brittany, FWIW, here's my thought on reflux meds. Conor (our oldest) had AWFUL reflux. Zantac didn't do anything for him at all. We switched him to Prevacid, and it was like night & day. While nothing but getting bigger/older will stop the actual spitting, the Prevacid REALLY helped eliminate the pain. We got it in the form of a little tab that we dissolved in about 1 ml of water, and fed it to Conor in a syringe. It was easy to do and as I said, helped him sooo much more than the Zantac.

    Keeping you, Joe and the sweet girls in my thoughts & prayers.