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Thursday, January 7, 2010

First few days at home

So we couldn't go too long without writing! We are glad Granny is here because she keeps an eye on us so that Mommy can take a nap here and there. That way Mommy can log us on to our blog :)

Anyway, we are getting settled in. The first night was a little hard for everyone. We weren't really sure what was going and why the room was quiet and dark. The second night, Mommy and Daddy turned on a sound machine and kept a lamp on. That seemed to make things a little better for everyone. We had our first doctor's appointment today and it went well. The doctor seems to think that my (Kitt's) eating issues are reflux so they gave Mommy some medicine to help with that. Unforuntately, we both lost exactly 2 ounces. The doctor thinks there may be a difference between her scale and the hospital's scale so we have earned ourselves a trip back in one week to see if we are gaining or losing weight. There are some pictures below of our first bath at home and also one of Granny holding us together. She sure is helping Mommy out a lot. Who knew taking care of two little babies would be so much work? It's a wonder the nurses only work three days and then take a break. Mommy wonders when she will get a break :)


  1. Hey girls! I have been thinking about you and praying for you. I've wondered how those sensor bed things have worked out. It's probably a good idea to leave the light on... your dad was concerned he'd get up in the night and trip over your pack n play ;) Sleep well girls!

  2. mommy will get a break in about 18 years!! :-)

    so glad you're settling in. the hard (but oh, so wonderful) part is just getting started!

    keeping you all in my prayers, always.

  3. Um, girls, please let your Mom know that things will be much, much easier from now on. Assure her that she'll have plenty of time to relax.
    Of course, that's far from true, but let's keep it our little secret, girls, until Mom catches on!

    You all look so wonderful in your new home. I love your new yellow towel!