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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pictures speak 1000 words!

So we thought we would just put in some pictures today and tell you the highlights. Mommy and Granny are getting used to the new routine that the lady helped with yesterday, but they do not like having to wake us up when we are sleeping so well just for us to eat. Granny got some time to hold both of us together usually while waiting for Mommy to do something like fix us a bottle. You might remember that we went home on various forms of fortified milk depending on who is getting the bottle and which feeding it is. Mommy says she feels like a chemist just getting our meals ready to eat. The picture of us in our car seats is from after our walk. Being in the fresh air wore us out! We just stayed right there in those seats and took our nap. In the third picture from the bottom, Garet is trying to eat my (Kitt's) fingers....she was just that hungry! Speaking on hands, I (Garet) can't stand having my hands out of my sight. When we first started getting swaddled up real tight, I was like a magician and somehow still got my hands free! You can see the picture at the bottom. Finally, there is the picture of us in our swimsuits. Now we know it is not summertime but today is our Aunt LeAnn's birthday; she and Mommy have been friends since they lived in Florida so that one is in honor of her birthday. Okay, that is all for us for now. We will see you later!

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  1. Girls! I love the swimsuits! You all look like you are adjusting to your new diggs really well. I heard you have another special person coming to visit. Your GAMA is going to love being with you. Have fun!! See you in a couple of months!