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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some changes

Kitt: Mommy and Daddy talked to the doctor today and got me taken off formula. They seemed to think it was making my reflux bad again. I am now on straight breast milk and have taken every bottle since they made the change. Now granted, I still take them slow and some of them in my sleep, but I am taking them! I have lost a teeny bit of weight the past two nights so I have to either gain weight or maintain weight for them to let me go home. Hopefully, I can keep up the good work on the bottles and somehow manage to gain weight, too. Granny came to town in anticipation of one or both of our trips home so she got to hold me before one of my bottles. I was wide awake the whole time listening to her talk to me and tell me stories.

Garet: I passed my car seat test last night! I have been doing almost all of my bottles but there is something about my 5:00AM feeding that stumps me. I have had to have a little bit of it tubed the past two mornings. Seriously, though, would you want to be made to wake up and eat at 5:00AM either? The doctor says it looks like I might be able to leave on Tuesday, after weekly labs come back and after the eye doctor comes to see my sister and me. I hope I can do all my bottles between now and then! Granny also held me for a little while tonight. I stayed awake for her for a little while and then I fell fast asleep.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Congratulations Garet on passing your car seat test. Soon you will be in the car seat in your car on your way home. Yeah!

    Kitt, I'm glad that your Mommy figured out that the cow's milk might be causing your reflux problem. Hopefully, you'll resume your 8 bottles of milk and gain weight so you can also go home real soon.