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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A day in the life....

Hi Everyone! We know it's been several days since we wrote but we have been so busy eating and taking really long walks. Some of you have been asking about what a day is like in our life so we thought we would tell you about it. We wake up around 6:00AM and we eat but then we go right back to sleep (so Mommy and Daddy can, too). Then we get up at 9:00 again for our second breakfast and another nap. Sometimes for this nap, we stay in the living room and sit in our swing, our bouncy seat or on the mat for tummy time. At noon we eat lunch and take a walk. We have a really hilly neighborhood so Mommy or Granny gets a good workout pushing us! We usually walk for about an hour. Today we walked to the Taqueria in the neighborhood and sat on the patio while Mommy and Granny ate, then we walked to Rite-Aid and Walgreen's. Our friend Emily was out walking with her Mommy, too, so we said hello to her. By then it's about 3:00 and we eat again followed by our afternoon nap (and Mommy and Granny's as well). At 6:00 we eat dinner and go to bed. My (Garet's) favorite time of day is up next when we take a bath, listen to Mommy or Daddy read us a story and then eat for the last time (the last scheduled time that is). We usually wake up once or twice during the night but we are getting better at going back to sleep, whereas we weren't good at that when we first came home. Last night, we had a special person reading to us. Grandpa read us our story via Skype! It was fun to see him but we got a little irritable (probably because we were hungry)! Oh, in other news I (Garet) weighed 8 pounds last night! Isn't that incredible......from 2 pounds, 9 ounces to 8 pounds? Not surprising since I am eating about 5 ounces of milk at each feeding now. I (Kitt) have been at 7 pounds, 11 ounces for almost a week now but then again it still hurts to eat. Mommy is taking me to the doctor tomorrow to talk about it so we will see what solution they come up with. Until later.......

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