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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kitt: Although I am still getting 8 bottles per day, it seems that my reflux may have come back to some degree. Mommy is going to be sure to talk to the doctor tomorrow about it. She thinks it's strange that it has gotten bad again shortly after they put me on formula (which is made from cow's milk, exactly what she took out of her diet to help the reflux). I am taking a good part of my bottles but not quite finishing them.

Garet: I got increased to 56 cc of milk and am doing well. When Mommy and Daddy came in tonight, I had done my last 6 bottles. The nurse said I would take my car seat test tonight and then we would see how things go the next shift or two. Mommy is also going to talk to the doctor about me tomorrow, too, to see what all we are still waiting for before I can go home.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Go Mommy Go! Talk to those doctors ;)