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Friday, January 1, 2010

A little more news

Mommy just called the nursery to get an update on us (she has a fever and can't come to see us which upset her). We are BOTH getting all of our feedings by bottle now! Mommy and Daddy brought our car seats in this morning for our car seat test; we passed our hearing tests......we are so close!

Garet: I am getting switched to straight breast milk later tonight. They had been fortifying my milk with a little formula but not anymore!

Kitt: I am getting straight breast milk for four of my 8 bottles and then NeoSure for my other four because one of my blood levels was a little low and it can come up with the formula. I took my feeding tube out tonight and as long as I keep eating they won't put it back in!

Hopefully we will have more great news again tomorrow!

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