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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Visitors, Christmas, Baths, Oh My!

So we know we have been noticeably absent from our blog lately but we have been so busy eating and sleeping. We have had a lot going on the past few days, including a couple of family members visiting, several walks in the neighborhood, a doctor's appointment, and our first Christmas! Mommy's Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Gene were passing through town so they got to see us and also our GAMA came to town on the train all the way from New York! She is staying with us for several days and is helping Mommy and Daddy with us. Well, you can look at the pictures to see how much help she is being! Grandpa also came up to spend the weekend with us. On one of our walks Granny and GAMA took me (Garet) to the Walgreen's and lots of people were asking to take me home! I'm glad they didn't give me away. I (Kitt) have been to the doctor to check about my reflux and I got put on new medicine. I also went to an eye specialist to see about the problem with my eye. Christmas was fun! We got to open our presents and have our picture taken by the tree. Mommy insisted on keeping it up until we came home and then waiting until Grandpa and GAMA were here to see us open our presents. Okay, so enough talk....let's get to the pictures from the past few days!


  1. Hi Kitt and Garet - Your Uncle Mark and I have missed you soooooo much!!!!! Thank you for updating with some new pictures (although the blurry ones indicate that your Grandpa is in town). You looked so beautiful and peaceful enjoying your bath. It reminds me of the time your GAMA gave me baths when I was a ba...oh wait, never mind! As you've probably already realized, you are very lucky to have such a wonderful great aunt. I am very jealous of you that you get to spend time with her and everyone else and also jealous of everyone else that they get to spend time with you! I love you very much!!!!! Good night, my bundles!

  2. so glad you got to have Christmas at home so you could look at all those twinkling lights. The bath looked like you were really having fun. Most babies have to bathe in the sink so you are even more special.