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Monday, January 4, 2010

The end is in sight!

Kitt: I am doing well with my bottles but am still taking them very slowly. The doctor is not too concerned about this as long as Mommy and Daddy are comfortable feeding me since they will be the ones doing it. They went ahead and took my feeding tube out since I haven't really needed it, and the nurses are being patient with me because they don't want to put it back in. I am scheduled to take my car seat test tonight and after that it won't be much longer.

Garet: I am all set and ready to go! My feeding tube is out, my car seat is waiting by my bed, my newborn shots have been given. Basically they are waiting on my Tuesday labs to be drawn and to come back before I get to go. I'm not exactly sure what all the excitement is about, but I think I'm going to get to see this place they call home! Stay tuned tomorrow. Granny came back again today to see us both and we understand she will be at home, too.


  1. Garet, congrats on choosing what is going to be one of the most bitterly cold days to go home in Hotlanta. Maybe, you really just like to experience things differently. Make sure you have fun playing and touching as much of your new environment as possible before your sister comes home...hopefully for the weekend. We are so proud of you and how you finally learned to take the bottle.

    Kitt, we understand some girls are just crazy slow eaters. Looking for to reading your next update. Keep that eyes good!

  2. HOW exciting!! Yaaay Garet that you get to go home if your labs are good! Fingers crossed...

    Kitt, keep working at it, sweet girl. You'll get there. Maybe when your sister is gone you'll miss her so much that you'll get on board with those bottles. Hope you get to go home REAL soon too!!

    Big hugs to all of you.