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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Brrr....kind of!

This morning Mommy took us out for an early morning walk to Walgreen's when it was still cold outside. That's why we're all bundled up in the pictures below. The first picture, of course, is an exception but Mommy and Daddy were really rooting for the Braves to win and Garet kept taking Mommy's hat off her head. We had a fun day hanging out around the house!


  1. Hi Beauties!
    I love, love, LOVE your little velour track suits. You are so stylin' in them!!! Your Uncle Mark tells me that your favorite baseball team had a big night tonight - I hope you enjoyed all the festivities.
    Counting down the days til I can see you again,
    Aunt Kristen

  2. Oh, my goodness, how awesome you two look in your outfits and your hat. Did you knit the hats yourselves in your knitting class?

    And, speaking of hats, I forgot what the "A" stands for on the baseball cap? Oh yes, of course, it stands for "Angels" because that is what you both are!!!
    Love, GAMA

  3. Good morning girls - Like GAMA and Aunt Kristen, I think you look adorable in your velour outfits and pink hats. GAMA and I could have used velour outfits as we ventured across the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday. I told Aunt GAMA that when you visit NYC, we could push your strollers across the bridge! She said NO WAY! That's fine, your mom and I will do it! It's rainy here today so will have to bring out our trusty umbrellas as we trek around the city. See you soon. Love you, Granny

  4. Looking good girls! Glad to hear it's starting to cool off for you. It was actually very pleasant in Pensacola this morning too. I love your outfits and hats. You'd better look out Garet--I think Kitt is trying to take your hat from you. Looking forward to seeing you on your birthday! Love you!