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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Since we hadn't been to knitting group in a while, Mommy invited the ladies over here today. We had a fun time playing with them but then we both fell asleep. They stayed for the whole time while we were sleeping. It was lots of fun! We also went to the grocery store with Mommy. We went and talked to the pharmacist and got a little worried when he pulled a needle out but Mommy was getting the flu shot. Daddy went to visit a friend today so we are looking forward to hanging out with him tomorrow!


  1. Good morning girls, Are you wearing new fall outfits? I like them. In one picture you both are playing with the foam flooring. Please tell me you're not "destroying" the new flooring in the playroom!!! When are the ladies going to teach you to knit? Have fun with your daddy today. GAMA and Uncle Michael say they are finally going to take me to the Brooklyn Bridge so I can walk across it. GAMA may find an excuse before the day is over!!!! Love you, Granny

  2. Hi Sweet Girls!
    You both look like you are having a good time, as always. As Gamma said, you both look adorable in your new outfits!I especially like the pic. in which Kitt is checking under the carpet to make sure Mommy is not cheating with her cleaning and sweeping dirt or dust under the rug! Looks real clean to me. WTG, Mommy! And, Garet, how is the crawling going? Keeping your Mommy busy running after you? Okay, I have to get ready for our hike over the Brooklyn Bridge!
    Love, GAMA

  3. I know you girls have probably been worrying abot us. I just wanted you to know that Granny, Uncle Michael and I all made the trek across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was very nice, but quite windy and chilly. Tomorrow, we are going to go on a downtown NY tour of an Italian tenement house. It is supposed to be very interesting. We will let you know! Love, GAMA