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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A walk in the forest

Today we were so much nicer to Mommy! We slept until 9:00 and then had breakfast. We played at home for the morning. Notice that not only did Garet take over Kitt's position at the house, she also took a liking to Kitt's Blackberry! Kitt sure did enjoy her new found freedom outside of the fence. We took just one nap today but it was a long one and we both slept at the same time, allowing Mommy to get some things done around the house. In the afternoon we went on a very fun adventure to the Fernbank Forest. It was beautiful! Mommy said that Grandpa would have loved this place because there was so much nature. We wish that he could have been there, too, because maybe Mommy wouldn't have gotten us lost. Luckily, she found the way out but we weren't sure at one point. We had some banana chunks today and loved them! Also, it may be true that Kitt doesn't crawl but she sure does manage to get around somehow. By the end of the night, she had managed to clear the entire bottom shelf in the second to last picture. She had also spread toys all over the place. Even Garet was trying to see what she was up to!


  1. You girls certainly were busy today. It looks like you did lots of fun things and got to try some new foods like those banana chunks. You must have inherited your fondness for bananas from your great grandpa--Popsie. And then you went for a hike in the woods. I wish I was there with you. The forest really looked dense and I could understand how your Mommy could get lost until I did some research and learned that Fernbank Forest was right in the Atlanta area. Maybe we need to strap a GPS unit to your stroller or better yet, your mommy can get a GPS app for Kitt's Blackberry! :) I imagine you are both tuckered out from all of today's activities so hopefully you'll get a good nights sleep. Love you!!!

  2. Good morning girls - I loved all those pictures of you yesterday. I laughed out loud at the one where Garet is doing something funny with her mouth and Kitt is rolling her tongue! When I come visit again, I hope your mommy can take me to the same forest. I can get lost in Central Park here in New York City so your mommy must have inherited her navigational skills from me! I get on the plane to fly home to Grandpa in a few hours so I'll check into your blog tonight from Pensacola. Have a fun day. Love you lots, Granny