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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Visitors, and cupcakes and dresses, oh my!

Yesterday Granny arrived. Mommy was a little worried that we wouldn't recognize her (especially Garet who seems especially afraid of strangers) but we both did. She immediately gave us one of the souvenirs she and Grandpa brought us from Wyoming: fluffy animals which we loved! She also gave us ball caps once we got home. We played at home and took a walk. Today we got dressed up in some of our birthday clothes from GAMA and went to the NICU to see the people who took such good care of us while we were there. Today was the one year anniversary of the day Mommy had to go to the hospital. Of course, Garet seemed a little worried with all the "strangers" even though they knew her very well. We took cupcakes and cookies to share with the doctors and nurses. It was a great celebration of how far we had come. After our naps we went with Mommy and Granny for walk and then watched while Mommy got her nails done. We can't wait for the day when we can get our nails done!!!! Mommy's friend, Kristin, came in on an airplace today but we were already asleep when she got here. We will see her tomorrow and all of the other people who are coming to see us and celebrate our birthdays with us.


  1. What joy you two must have brought to the NICU staff today. Yes, you both, along with Mommy and Daddy have come a very long way in a short time. I am sure that the staff members must have felt a great sense of joy and pride in how great you two are doing. After all, they were a big part of your lives from the first day that you were born. The two pictures and note from your Mom and Dad must have meant a lot to all of the staff. The cupcakes were an added bonus!

    Well, one more day before the big party. Try to rest up! Please be good to Granny R. so Mommy can finalize the party festivities. As the day comes close, I am eating my heart out that I will not be with you.

    Much love! GAMA

  2. Just finished wrapping your gifts and stopped by for a look at the blog! Shame on mommy for making me cry already (not that it takes much!!). What beautiful pics and I'm so excited about tomorrow. I'm keeping all hands, fingers, toes crossed that Baby Johns stays in just a little longer for me to make it to the festivities :) Love you girls!! And yes, GAMA we wish you were going to be there too!!