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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not much happenin'

So not much has been happening around here the past couple of days. Today was a little bit rough for Mommy mainly because all day long one of us was awake. Not one time did our naps happen at the same time. In fact, Mommy didn't even have time to get dressed today! Daddy did take Garet with him to run errands. The first picture is her helping with the inspection at Aunt LeAnn's condo. We are really liking finger food! At one point today, Mommy needed us to be in our high chairs so she put some squash and potato on our tray....YUMMY but also MESSY! She promises not to get in the habit of giving us food just to keep us occupied. So that you don't think we haven't done anything these past couple of days, we did go to the Taqueria with Emily, Frankie and their mommy yesterday and went on a long walk today. We will see you soon!

1 comment:

  1. My goodness. I just don't know where to begin. The "I Love NY" tee shirts look so cute on you. And I love the sweatsuits, especially with the hats with the flowers on them plus the little socks or shoes (I can't tell what they are except I know that they are so adorable.) You two must be the best dressed girls in Georgia!

    And now, onto the messy eating. I actually thought Kitt was the messy one until I blew up Garet's pic. and saw the food all over your forehead and nose. Well, as long as you eat some of it, I guess it's okay to be messy.

    I hope Mommy manages to get dressed tomorrow.

    Good night, Angels!

    Love, GAMA