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Monday, October 25, 2010

A soon?

Today is our first birthday!!! We got lots of cards and phone calls today and appreciate everyone who remembered our special day. Mommy made a movie chronicling our first year and you can see it by clicking here. We also had our one year check-up. What a way to say "Happy Birthday"--4 shots each! We did get new measurements though. Garet is 29 3/4 inches and weighs 19 pounds, 4 ounces. Kitt is 28 1/2 inches long and weighs 18 pounds, 12 ounces. We are on the growth chart for everything, even without adjusting for our prematurity.

Now we have some sad news to share with you. Mommy has been very diligent in logging us in to update our blog; however, she says that in our second year we are going to be much busier (that's hard for us to imagine) but if she says it, it must be true! Anyway, Mommy says we won't have time to post as often as we have been. Don't worry....this isn't the end of the blog. She promises to still let us post once a week (unless something really important happens) so check back every Sunday night or Monday morning as we will update at the end of every weekend.

Mommy didn't take any pictures today but we thought we would close today with our recent birthday picture and then one of our earliest pictures. We certainly can't remember being that small but we are so glad we are doing as well as we are and growing so much. To all of you who have read our blog so faithfully, who have loved us so unconditionally, and who have supported us so diligently, we thank you. We will see you this weekend!!!


  1. Happy 1st birthday Kitt and Garet. It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed since that night I first saw you both in the NICU. I couldn't believe how tiny you were then. And now look at how far you have come. Being with you this past weekend for your 1st birthday celebration is a highlight of my life and an occasion that I will always remember and cherish. I will miss your daily blogs but look forward to the weekly updates. I love you both very much and always will. Happy, Happy birthday girls! Love you lots! Grandpa.

  2. Dear Kitt and Garet,
    I am overwhelmed with emotion when I consider that today marks one year since you entered this world and changed mine so profoundly. You see, I never had the overflowing heart for children that your Mommy does, so when she told us that she was pregnant, I was excited about the addition to our family but utterly unaware of the tremendous love I would experience—a deep, abiding love that is difficult to put into words. I love you both more than you probably realize and certainly more than I thought possible. Your happiness and well-being are in my thoughts constantly, and I want nothing more than for the two of you to grow up in a world where you know nothing but love and acceptance.
    By the time you are old enough to read and understand this, you will have already realized many things, including the fact that you are blessed in ways other people could never imagine. Among other gifts, you have a mother and father who love you unconditionally and who place your happiness above all else in a manner of sacrifice that is worthy of emulation. My hope is that someday you will count among those many blessings an aunt who is also a friend.
    Kitt and Garet, it has been an absolute joy watching you grow over the past year. With every blog post, every size update, every smile you flashed in my direction, every picture and video, every feel of your small bodies in my arms, or every coo I heard in the background of a phone conversation with your Mommy, my heart grew. I am thankful to your Mommy each and every day that I got to experience such special moments through your blog, and I thank you a million times over for the privilege of being a part of your lives
    I will love you forever,
    Aunt Kristen

  3. Kitt and Garet, Before you were born, I kept hearing from my grandmother friends how great it is to become a grandmother. I didn't realize how great it would be until you two entered my life! Even though we live 5 hours away, I was blessed to spend time with you for a few days each month of your first year. Twice (January and July) I was able to spend the whole month with you. You are truly a blessing from God, and I love you dearly. The highlight of my day was reading your blog, but I know how time consuming that was. As fast as this first year passed I will be talking to you on the phone in a very short period of time! Love and kisses from Granny.