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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Playing with friends

Yesterday we were so tired when we got home we didn't have the energy to post! Mommy had us running all over the place. We had lunch at Grandpa's favorite place (Panera) but Mommy didn't take a picture. She said it would draw attention to us (as if being adorable twins doesn't already do that!!!) Anyway, here are some pictures from today when we went to Emily and Frankie's house for lunch. We had a fun time playing with them and their toys!


  1. Emily is such a sweet friend to bring out all her toys to share with you; however, it looks like Garet is trying to chew the grocery ads. That would be a "no-no" for Emily's mom! Did you help put all of Emily's toys away? As always, it is good to see your lovely faces especially from Wyoming! Love you, Granny

  2. Well, it certainly seemed like you two gals had a lovely time. Kitt, you do appear to like picking up carpets. Garet, I guess you were happy since you had so many toys with which to play. You were both so lucky to be in the company of Emily, who is so sweet.

    Love, GAMA