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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just a day in the park!

Aunt Bernadette was here when we woke up! We played with her and then took naps. While Kitt's nap was very short (that's why she got to try on our new coats so we could show them to you) but Garet slept a long time. Luckily she woke up right as Aunt Bernadette was leaving so they got to take some pictures together, too. Later in the afternoon, we went with Mommy and Daddy to the park. We had such a fun time playing on the blanket while they ate lunch and then we played in the swings. We had so much fun today!


  1. Oh, such very sweet pictures of you girls and your Mom, Dad and Aunt Bernadette. You girls are so precious. You make life seem magical (and funny too!) Thanks for all of the joy you bring to so many of us!

    And, of course, the coat is a hoot. I am sure it will keep you nice and warm as well as make you two look so extra adorable!

    Love, GAMA

  2. Loved your new coats - they should keep you toasty warm. Granny and Grandpa are leaving in a few hours to fly to Wyoming so we may be needing coats like yours! It looks like you are enjoying warm weather in the park. Did your parents share any of their Subway sandwiches? I'll have my computer with me so hope to keep "up" with all you're doing. I don't want to miss a day! Love you, Granny

  3. Good morning, girls! You're looking great as usual and I love those cute coats. I'm glad you were able to spend time with your Aunt Bernadette and I know it was a good time for all of you. Granny and I are leaving for a vacation today to two of our Nation's great parks--Tetons and Yellowstone. Maybe one day when you're a little older we'll be able to take the two of you on a vacation with us. Would you like that? Granny is taking her computer but I'm not sure there is a Wi-Fi connection at this B & B. There was at my first choice but we'll see. Have a great week and be good girls for your Mommy and Daddy. Love you!