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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More bathtime fun!

Here we are playing around the house today. Mommy took us to some gardens today only to find out when we got there that they are only opened one day a month!!! You would think she would have looked first but then again why would something be open only one day a month? We wanted to be sure you saw our new bath seats? We had a lot of fun playing in the bath tonight and getting to stay in longer thanks to the new seats!


  1. My goodness girls, those are the coolest bath seats I have ever seen. They are much better than the ones I had when I was a baby. Oh, correction...they never made bath seats when I was a baby! Gosh, your Mom has it sooooooooooo easy! Oh, please don't tell her I said that!

    Have a good night!

    Love, GAMA

  2. Like GAMA I love your bath seats. Where did your mom find those? That's going to make bath time much easier for Granny when I come next week. I especially like when your hair is wet and "lies flat" on your head. Grandpa says he's going to find a stuffed animal toy like a buffalo or bison to bring back from the Great Teton Mountains for you. I suspect since GAMA has been shopping for you AGAIN, you girls will be "styling" ever so much. Have a fun day. Love you lots, Granny

  3. Girls,

    Do you think you could ask Mommy if she woud take a video of the two of you in your little bath seats? I would love to see you both in action!

    Thanks and much love, GAMA