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Saturday, September 25, 2010

11 months already?

Oh, where does the time go? We are 11 months old today and can hardly believe we are growing up so fast! We took a picture for you in our crowns but as you can see Kitt really was more interested in playing with it than wearing it.


  1. Happy 11 month birthday girls. The time has gone by so quickly since your birth and you have both come so far since that time. You both look beautiful in your birthday dresses. I'm looking forward to celebrating your one year birthday with you next month. See you then. Love you lots!!!

  2. Girls, you look gorgeous in your birthday outfits. Garet, you are a "stinker" for trying to take Kitt's tiara! I showed your pictures to my friend Sylvia, and she just wanted to kiss your pictures because she said (in her French accent) that you girls "were too cute!" It won't be long now until I will see you in person to celebrate your birthday. Love you, Granny

  3. A great big Happy 11th month Birthday to you both! I have been thinking so much about your one year Birthday that this 11 month milestone passed me right by. So sorry about that angels. So glad to see that you both finally settled in so that there was a final picture of you both in your tiaras. You are the most precious girls!

    Love, GAMA