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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stand up!

Garet is getting so great at standing up, however, today she took a little fall. We think Mommy was more worried about the fall than Garet. Kitt is trying to move around a lot more, too, but she seems most happy sitting at her house! We are really hoping our friend who gave us these AJC Future Reader shirts will check out the blog today :) We took a walk around the neighborhood with Calvin and his mommy today and then we played at home.

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  1. Oh Girls, it's great seeing you on the blog. I am in a hotel room at the falls; and when I played the video, seven ladies started laughing when they heard you laughing - how contagious! I'm happy to see what progress you girls are making; however, it's going to be "rough" on your mommy chasing after the two of you! Love you lots, Granny